Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Franklin County Courthouse"

This is the Franklin County Courthouse located in Pasco, Wahington.  Our group of sketchers has tackled this beauty a number of times.  In this series of drawings, the top one was is the oldest.  It was drawn in 2011, but I want to feature it at the top in order to give the other three interiors drawings, done yesterday, some context. 
Designed by the architectual firm of C. Lewis Wilson and Co., in Seattle, it was constructed in 1912 at a cost of $74, 215.  In 2005, a grant of $2.7 million was awarded for historical restoration.  It is gorgeous.
Walking into rotunda, this statute, which is standing in what appears to be a large flower pot, greets you. 
On the second floor looking across to the other side, you see a guy in a black hat walking toward one of the courtrooms.
This was the first sketch I did there yesterday.  It's right on the verge of being overworked, it is too symmetrical, and the dome reaches considerably higher than it does here.  That's because I did not take Liz Steel's advice and started from the horizon line rather than the top of the object I wanted to draw.  I'll get it right one of these days, meantime - this is it. 

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