Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Mercer Estates Winery, Prosser, WA"

The Tri City Urban Sketchers drove up to Prosser last September with the intention of using a winery or two as subjects for sketching.

This "Mercer Estates Winery."  I have known the Mercers for a long time as most of them were students of mine when I taught at Prosser High School. 


  1. I'm admiring how the colors and landscaping help to create personality for this building so wonderfully. I also like how you applied the highlights and shadows... I am drawing a home in pen and ink for a client, and could use your advice with the stone facade on the house... I'm trying to decide how much detail would be too much... You have a knack for creating just the right amount.

    1. Hi Katherine: Thank you for your kind and very encouraging comments! I guess the best advice I could give is start light, wet on wet, then add a few layers, never covering the entire surface as a cartoonist might. Hope that helps. Good to see you here again.