Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"A Blog Resurrected"

I've been neglecting my blog so severely this year that a decision to just let it die a normal death almost brought it's demise.  However, after thinking on that idea for a while the decision is resurrection rather than death.  The last entry was January 8, 2012.  Sad, such utter neglect, so to bring the ol' gal up to speed, here are a collection of images that have been created since in the interim. 


A trip to Spokane, with family, afforded a
quick window of opportunity for some architectural studies. 
 The one on top almost brought a case of
frostbite to my heine; the second was from a
second store window in the food mall.

In January I joined the "Art a Day" project where I tried to post one sketch
each day from the "Everyday Matters" challenge listing.  I didn't make it to the end,
butI came upwith a few sketches I particularly liked. 
These are two of them: 


One great fun way to spend wet, chilly, overcast day is to head out with Pegman, the little orange guy in the upper left-hand margin at googlemaps.com.  Just close in on the map to a place where the streets are oulined in yellow, or sometimes, blue, then grab Pegman and drop him on the street.  Google maps then open to the actual scene where you can drag yourself on down the street, or back up the street, stopping along the way to check out whatever strikes your fancy.
I love Paris, so guess where Pegman and I travel to most . . .

Probably my favorite thing to do is just sketch stuff.  The following are
some of the sketches I've done this year.  "Sloppy Joe's Bar" is from a
reference photo I took there when we were there in '09. 
Great place, "Sloppy Joe's" !!!!!

These last three are some of the sketches I have done while out and around town, or
just creeping through my own mind in search of a Valentine's card
 (which never saw the light of day until right now).  

So, there you go. My blog is now updated.


  1. Wow! Such a feast of great work! Each unique and interesting and exciting. I'm glad to see your artwork again!

  2. Glad to see your post again and wow I never thought we're in for such a great treat =) Your work is as beautiful as always Jim, very colorful, and gorgeous perspectives! You never fail to amaze

  3. You have so many different styles and the all work. love the Spokane cityscapes

  4. It seems a lot of blogs are going away, I guess social networks rule the day. I am very happy you have not given up your blog. Your work has always been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Please keep it going. Your sketches are too good not to be shared

  5. Glad for the blog resurrection. You are not the only one with this malady. I especially like the Paris sketches; the one with the shadows is so inviting. Great work!!

  6. Wow - an impressive and very convincing resurrection. I especially like the idea of Pegman. ;-)