Sunday, January 08, 2012

"You & I Framing and Gallery"

Ever since watching Tommy Kane draw the Red Hook Tavern in the Red Hook section of New York, I've been thinking about doing storefronts.  Yesterday, Sunday, as I was driving past this storefront it caught my eye.  It being Sunday I was able to park directly across the street, backwards, smackdab in the middle of a bank drive-thru.   

This is "You & I Framing  & Gallery" right here in our community.  Mike and Brooke, owners, do a terrific job of supporting local artists by featuring a few of them each month in their gallery.  They provide great frames and mats and will even cut local artist's mats for no charge.


  1. Love it, Jim. Doing buildings like this is my favorite thing. In fact, come to think of it, I'm so new to drawing it's about my ONLY thing :-)

    Cheers --- Larry Marshall

  2. JIm. this is awesome!!! i used to addicted to the building drawing. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Nice work! I really like the shadows on the wall.