Friday, March 02, 2012

"Casual Sketching"

Somedays are pretty lazy. 

Yesterday was such a day, but truth be known, most of my days are like that: lazy.

This girl was in Barne & Noble.  Actually she wasn't standing but sitting and involved in an animated conversation with her friend.  From my angle, it was much easier to create the image with her standing because my view of her from the waist down was blocked by furniture.  

Anyway, you can see there are other elements on the page, and I thought about photoshopping them away, but they seem to add something to the drawing.  I'm nost sure what, but I left them there. 

Hope you're having a nice day.  It's gray and overcast here today in the high desert of eastern Washington. 

A bit of a sleepy, dreary, even, lazy, day. 

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