Saturday, September 03, 2011

"rue de'l Abeurvoir: Paris, France"

I went on another internet excursion through Paris today and found this quaint little scene on the rue de'l Abeurvoir. 

Google provides the most amazing technology that allows the viewer to actually travel down practically any street on earth.  That's how I got from eastern Washington to the streets in Montmarte this morning. 

This scene is about a block from the famed Lapin Agile cabaret, in the Montmarte district.  If you look in the background you'll see two of the spires on the cathedral Sacre Coeur peeking back at you. 

I love Paris.

watercolor in 12 x 18 watercolor sketchpad.  


  1. Gorgeous. It's amazing how much traveling you can do without leaving the house. I must go on one of these virtual trips.

  2. Very beautiful - wonderful houses, love the angle, composition, and where you chose to paint, and chose not to paint.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your trip ;)
    Beautiful sketch!

  4. Beautiful! you captured what I love about Paris too!

  5. I saw this at Urban Sketchers and really liked it so I thought I'd say that here :)

  6. You have achieved here what I've been working on--that feeling of quickness and spontaneity within a finished artwork.