Monday, June 20, 2011

"Mariners vs. Phillies" June 19, 2011

On Father's Day, my wife and I traveled across state to this most glorious cathedral dedicated to baseball, Safeco Field, in Seattle.

We saw an amazing game where no one scored until the sixth inning, where our pitcher, Jason Vargas, threw a 2-hit shutout, where our lowly Seattle Mariners beat the team with the best win/loss record in the majors and
came within 1/2 game of
taking the lead in the American League West.

I sat next to a family of Phillies fans, a man and
wife and their teenage son.

They moved to Olympia six
years ago and have yet to shed any of that Phillie Phanatacism and turn toward becomeing true baseball fans and following the Mariners. We had a nice talk and kidded each other about the "quality of the opposition."

In the end it was nice to know the mighty Phillies weren't able to put more than two hits down and scored no-runs: zilch, nada.

It was great fun, and with the win, the ride back home was rather pleasant as well.

We'll do this gain.


  1. Good for you for sketching at the game! My team (the Detroit Tigers) is doing great! It's so much fun, though I haven't been to a game yet this season. Glad you had such a good time! nancy

  2. So well sketched! I've always wanted to watch games live at least once... baseball, football, basketball. Doubt that I will sketch anything though, I'd be too drawn to the games =)

  3. Great post! That place is definitely an awesome spot to watch a game. (My cousin lives in Seattle and I got to visit for the first time a few years ago and caught a game there. Beautiful park. Beautiful city...made me want to jump coasts.)

  4. Baseball season is a fun time. Thanks for the narrative and the pictorial.