Sunday, June 12, 2011

"509 Urban Sketchers and Painters"

While waiting for some friends, the "509 Urban Sketchers and Painters," to meet with me in this parking lot, this little coffee shop, off in the distance, caught my eye.

I didn't have time to finish it, so I added the color this morning while sitting in the early morning sun streaming through the kitchen windows.

I've been thinkinig about doing a series of these little coffee shops that have sprouted up all-over-the-place in recent years.

Once everyone was there, we caravaned over to the railroad yards for our session. This is my take on a line of cars sitting off to the side of this rather large train yard.

Trains come in here from Spokane (and points east), as well as points west to Portland, Oregon, and therefore up and down the west coast. Upon arrival here they are rearranged in this yard, depending upon final destinations.

There is a large hump in the yard where the bring the cars then leading down from the hump there are multiple tracks for making up all the different trains. It's a boat-load, or should that be "train-load" of fun to watch for a while.


  1. The trains are fab but I would really like to see a series on the little coffee shops. This one is great.

  2. always so please to see your work Jim. Love the intensity of the dark colors, strong contrasts, and the contours.

  3. Simple evocative work. At first, I wasn't sure that one couldn't take a ride in what turned out to be a coffee shop. Then I saw the trains and smiled. Somehow, I still wouldn't mind a journey in that coffee shop.

  4. I do hope you go along with your idea and paint more coffee shops - I love this one.

  5. Really nice sketches. My husband would like to see trains but coffee shops sound great to me. You do a nice job on both!