Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"It's Summer, Baby, It's Summer"

These beauties, growing in a large pot on our pool deck, just seem to scream, "It's Summer, Baby, It's Summer!"

Looking them over yesterday I was thinking they might just make it into my watercolor sketchbook.

So, this morning, after the eggs, toast, and coffee, I went out with my trusty sketchbook and recorded them for all of posterity to know that today, here in the desert of eastern Washington, summer has finally arrived.



  1. It's just a day late, actually. Ours arrived with a bang....and 90 degree temperatures. Not ready for that in June!
    Love your drawing, though. It really looks like summer!

  2. Awesome work Jim. As the temperature has been warm as far as I could remember here in Mississippi... I couldn't believe that Summer just 'officially' started :D
    Like the contrasts of your work as always!

  3. Beautiful! Like Alex, I've been existing at the whims of the sunshine, humidity and scorching temperastures for what seems like many months now! Glad you finally joined the rest of us...and I'll bet a Washington Summer is pretty pleasant! Enjoy!

  4. Your drawing just makes me feel the sunshine!

  5. The volume of their screams almost knocked me out of my chair! They certainly do scream "SUMMER"! lol nancy

  6. really nice watercolour execution. great balances.