Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Parisian Street Lamp"

A quick sketch today while watching the Seattle Mariners get swept by the Atlanta Braves on television. I had tickets to the game, but after Seattle lost the first two, I decided to scrap it and not go. It's only a four hour drive from my home to the stadium....

This image from the internet, somewhere. Such lovely lamps...I think these are on the Pont Neuf, one of the bridges over the Seine connecting the Left and Right Banks. Nope, just did a google for "pont neuf lamps," this isn't one.

Thanks to "tintinetmilou," for setting me straight. This lamp and others like it, as well as a collection of great sculptures decorate the "Pont Alexandre III." Click the link to find "tintinetmilou's" exquisite photo!


  1. Wonderful sketch. I also like the cloudy background a lot.

  2. Lovely - especially the gold against the blue.

  3. Fantastic "quick" sketch! Great job on the background, and the perspective is perfect!

  4. I think you're being too hard on yourself. This is a lovely painting. So the perspective is different from the what? It's your impression, artistic license. I'd be pleased to hang this on my wall.


  5. Beautiful! No mtater where they are, this is a beautiful drawing!

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