Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Between the Buns" - Street Vendor

My favorite cache for my photos and art is at This week, at the "urban sketchers" group, the theme is "street vendors." So I drove downtown yesterday to this hot dog stand, "Between the Buns," and did a very rough, and hopefully appropriately 'loose' sketch of the place.

She is running a "land office" business as there was a steady stream of customers: even in 100 degree temperatures. I bought a polish from her and it was pretty good. Maybe not as good as those at Costco, and certainly priced just a touch higher; but good anyway. You can find the sketch at the "urban sketchers" theme site here.


  1. An awesome looking sketch! I really like the colors in this one, they are strikingly cool =)

  2. This is wonderful, Jim. I hope to get out more to do this when things cool off a bit here.