Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Downtown Kennewick"

I drove downtown yesterday to sketch a street vendor, but when I discovered I was an hour early, I found a bench and started sketching the far side of the street.

Since I have lived here, off and on, since 1957, I can tell you these buildings are all basically the way they were then; but, what's in them, except for the one on the far end of the line-up, is not the same. Not even close.

I have lots of memories on this street, but perhaps one of the most interesting was a summer rain. I think it was in 1966. Home from college and out foolin' aroun' on a hot July day and down comes the rain. We never have Warm rain here in the high desert of eastern Washington - only cold. But on that day it was so warm I remember taking off my shirt, on that far sidewalk there that you see and simply Enjoying the downfall.

The building at the end of the sketch is across a street that runs at 90 degrees to the one you can see. That building used house a place simply called, "Leon's." It was there on New Years Eve, 1968, that, indirectly, I met up with the lady I have been married to for almost 40 years.

sketch, watercolor, ink.


  1. It's such a beautiful story there, a simple street that has long history, and so much connection to your life... and you definitely penned it down beautifully. It's a great perspective too and really makes me want to go there someday.
    I've only done the street of Breaux Bridge so far, but I am starting to appreciate urban sketches a lot more because of the 'connections' in people's lives with the scene.
    Thanks for sharing and commenting on my blog, and it's likely that I'll sketch people in public more often. It probably helps if I could sketch faster, or eat slower ^^ and I need to practice both of that

  2. What an interesting and colorful sketch! So nice that you could make use of the extra time to bring out this beautiful sketch...

  3. Your sketch is very good and your story about the street brings it alive.

  4. wow... what a wonderful sketch with so much meaning!

  5. I so admire folks who can do street sketches. This one is really nice, and I loved reading your story. Well done, all around!! nancy

  6. Jim--
    Your work on Downtown Kennewick is absolutely fantastic. I like everything about it. Tree shading is great, cars are fantastic and I do remember Leon's where I took Elaine to a big dinner one night.