Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Le Mont-Saint-Michel"

Le Mont-Saint-Michel - has to be the most picturesque communes ever, anywhere. According to the "Wikipedia" site I found, there are only 50 people who live here. I cannot imagine how only 50 people can support such a place, so I think the number must be incorrect.

I have been to France three times, but like most touristas, I found myself in Paris and on the Riviera mostly, rather than up on the Normandy coast where I've wanted to go since before I knew I wanted to visit Europe. Why didn't I go there? I dont' know.

If I ever have the good fortune to visit France again, I will take an immediate right turn, toward the west, once I land in Calais. I want to walk on Omaha and Utah Beaches and try to absorb something of what it must have been for our troops on D-Day; to hike through Marie St. Eglise, and the other villages, and countryside; and I want to pay respect at the American Cemetery there.

Then I want to travel on to this rocky tidal island, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, that is surrounded by mud-flats at low tide, and enjoy some of the breads, and wines, and cheeses; and take a thousand photographs, and fill a sketch book with the architecture, foods, and the people that both frequent, and live, on the island.

That would be fun. Wanna go?


  1. Sign me up. I read a book when I was a child that was set in that area, and since then, wanted to go there. Finally, in 2004, I made it. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we spent about an hour trying to catch the perfect sunset photo. I'll see if I can locate them, and share. I'd go back in a minute.

  2. Sign me up, too. Haven't been to France. I'm sort of schizo... Love big cities and sparsely populated out-of-the-way places. Tourist resorts, not so much. This is a great location to draw/paint even just with photo references... but plein aire... maybe it can happen for you!

  3. Beautiful drawing! It is such a glorious place and your work captures it in all of its glory.

  4. I'm on board with it, too. What a lovely sketch you did with this one! nancy

  5. Hi Jim,
    I'm a member of the EDM group, a new sketcher and going to Italy in three weeks to paint. I want to thank you; I was able to make a few copies of your sketches of Paris that have given me good ideas for my own sketching.
    Thank you so much,
    Leslie Gardiner