Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Piano and Bench

I went to the doc yesterday and he gave me a nice clean bill of health, so afterwards I stopped at a local coffe shop to "celebrate" with a coffee and pastry, and to write in my journal. (I know, I know....oh...the excitement!)

So, while enjoying the serenity of it all, I noticed this little piano sitting against the wall. It seemed to be telling me it needed some recognition, so I sketched it on my journal page and offer it here for anyone who thinks it's just about the neatest little sketch ever posted on the internet.

Not long ago I might have sketched the two middle-aged women sitting just off to the right who were laughing and giggling like two high school sophmores who were skipping school; or the guy just off to the left who was totally engrossed in his laptop. But my people sketching skills are not great and since it's been a couple weeks since I did any of it, they are even worse now. So I sketched the little piano instead.

ink, watercolor, journal


  1. Beautiful beautiful drawing! :) I don't know how to play a piano but I always think that people who play them look so elegant, and I could totally imagine one playing there in the drawing.
    So...definitely extra bonus points for catching it and store that on your journal!

  2. Why, this is just about the neatest little sketch ever posted on the internet! Really, I like it. I think it is awfully well done, and it is a cute little piano too.

  3. And it IS the cutest little sketch of any piano on the internet! Next time you will have to play it.