Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"The King of Pop - R.I.P."

A bit of California creepiness leaked across CNN this morning, but it's not far from the ordinary for the King of Pop and his home state. Turns out MJ's brain is still at the coroner's office and once they have completed their work 'on it,' they will return it to the family. Yikes, so his brain wasn't at the memorial service!

And, what will the family do with it once they have it back? What would Michael have done?



  1. Thank you so much for your comment! :) This is very nice too, and I would want to do another one of him with like a full body shot like yours too. Teehee... I think it's fun to draw something that's still like a hot-topic, and then a few years later when you look back and wondering...hmmm, why did I draw so many of MJ's pictures? Ohh wait... that's because he died that year.

  2. Lovely drawing! You captured MJ without drawing his face. There are few people that one can do that with!

  3. I know I commented here earlier and then again and no wagain--must be doing something wrong--just wanted to let you know I love the burger sletch and could exist on them (and huge crab legs) if it were possible..winna