Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girl in Book

Saw this girl online and had to draw her in my book. She is the second image in that book and I think she fits just fine

What is it about the text across the face of these images that causes one's eye to stop and ponder just a few seconds longer than it might otherwise? I like this affect, or is it "effect?" I never was very good at discerning the usage of those two words.

ink in book


  1. I like this effect too, good job.

  2. Art is something that is really completely out of the ordinary for me.. It is the flame that puts out the shame and heartache that my day went through. It is a beautiful thing. Yet at the same time it can mind boggle a soul into thinking something completely different. What I love bout art, is that you envision your own meaning behind the creativity of the art itself. Your imagination can take you many places and only in your imagination can you be in two happy places at once :)

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  6. Wow...i just love all your portraits...and this ones amazing..!!!