Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More B&N Peeps

Another in a series of people sketches at the local Barnes and Noble in Kennewick, Wa. The clientele includes a man and wife who are never not there when I am. They may live there, I'm not sure. He is the sketch in the middle of this page, the one with the large schnoz.

In real life, his nose is even larger than in the sketch - reminds me of Rick Tulka's "french" noses. I think he might be a retired physician because he reads molecular biology texts, Nature magazine, Science, etc., and today I heard him giving some technical, medical, advice to an elderly man he seemed to know.

watercolor, ink, sketchbook

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  1. Good morning, Jim

    Like your post from Barnes & Noble. I like to visit our local store to glance through the art books and watch people. My problem is, the chairs they have are very comfy and I end up falling asleep. I'm really cool. Hope you and Lois are well.