Friday, May 01, 2009

Mango Sketch and Recipe

I took this picture yesterday of my sketch of a group of mangoes with a recipe I wanted to attempt for last evening's meal. Normally I don't take pictures of my sketches surrounded by the object being sketched and the materials used; but this juxtoposition of all these things "caught my eye."

An invitation to post this picture in the Flickr group, "MY studio/sketch STUFF," came in yesterday, so you can find it posted there.


  1. I do agree that at this perspective it gives off a special "overview" towards your activities... tools and colors, they're just so worth another look :)
    Perhaps what's interesting is the sketch of this sketch ^^ I don't know, I'm just blabbering.
    I hope the sauce turned out great!

  2. this is so cute! what a lovely idea to illustrate recipes! :)
    I took a look at your sketchbook on flickr and I must say it is absolutely beautiful! :)

  3. I like the photo very much and would love to see just the sketch page alone, too---I'm curious for the closer look and recipie

  4. Winna there's a link to the sketch in the first sentence below the picture.

  5. I agree it's a very cool photo! I like photos or drawings where you can see the desk and paints, and this one is great - makes me want to close the computer and get my paints right now!