Monday, November 03, 2008

EDM #20: Draw Something "DAD."

My dad left the oil fields and cattle country of Oklahoma in 1942 to work in the shipyards of San Francisco Bay. He took his mother, two younger brothers and sister with him and since he was the head of his household, at eighteen years of age, he wasn't drafted into the army; but he did serve the war effort by working 8 - 10 hours, 7 days a week, for a number of years in those shipyards.

In 1944 he sent for my mother to leave her job as a riveter in an aircraft plant in Oklahoma City, to travel to Oakland and marry him. She wasted no time leaving and arrived in the rain on a troop train carrying troops to Oakland to ship out to the Pacific.

I was born in 1946.

I've been thinking about how to take some of the items we have of Dad's to commemorate him, and this is only a preliminary sketch of some ideas I have. This may be all it ever gets, so I wanted to go ahead and post it, just in case.

ink in sketchbook


  1. Well, that's good you have the picture as so often we never really get around to doing things but you now have this at least. You did a good job and now you'll connect your memories with it.

  2. Very good. Lots of feelings in the work and writing.

  3. This is a great idea. Drawing something that belonged to one of my parents always leads me to think about them as I draw. All sorts of memories come back. I love your idea of drawing several of your father's belongings together, especially such personal items.

  4. There is an intimacy of the soul in such an exercise as you have undertaken. All the best going forward. ::thrive!

  5. I love reading your memories of your dad...brings back memories of mine. Keep moving forward, writing the history of your Father and You!

  6. Jim,
    This gives me goose bumps. All the thought you are putting into this must bring back many feelings of your dad. It's a wonderful tribute and I am sure the final product will mean alot to all who loved him.

  7. Most enjoyable reading, he sounds like a wonderful man to be proud of in many ways.