Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Island View Grocery

I have been driving past this little store for a number of years thinking the facade is worthy of at least a page in my sketchbook, or a photograph in my flickr "photo" set. So today I drove down and parked across the street from it and sketched it out in my sketchbook. Today we have clouds, wind, grayness, coldness and rain. My pick-up truck was buffeted by the wind, but I took comfort in the coziness of the cab and my sketchbook resting on the steering wheel.

This store has been at this location for at least 50 years. They sell everything from eggs, to cigarettes, to beer and pop, bread, bologna, candy bars, to rolling papers and fish bait. During the summer months the little store does a "land-office" business because across the street, behind where I parked the truck this morning, flows the Columbia River and all it offers summer-time revelers.

It isn't Paris, or even a place where one can purchase flavored coffees with cremes, and I don't remember ever going inside; but there is something about the front of it that seems very American, to me. So I offer it up in contrast to my prior Parisian posts.

watercolor and ink in sketchbook


  1. I think every town has something like this. I am going to have to draw the one we have down the road. They do their own thing and somehow stay in business, God Bless 'em! I love all the signs on yours. What a contrast from beautiful Paris!

  2. This is such a cute drawing! I really like all the beer signs and things on the windows. Great job of capturing the flavor of those old time stores.

  3. You did a great job. I can feel the aluminum in that roofing.

  4. Nice work, Jim. You've captured it well. They have a simple formula for a successful business. Sounds to me like you need to go in, though.:)

  5. Jim -- this is my favorite type of "cityscape" or whatever you would call it. I just love those old small places with tons of personality -- just like this. Great page!