Wednesday, July 25, 2007

EDM Challenge # 15: Draw a Tree

This family of trees is firmly embedded in the banks of the Columbia River in Columbia Park, Kennewick, Washington. Not sure what type they are (my former biology students notwithstanding), but they are majestic and plentiful whether in the summer when their sparse vegetation provides hiding places for magpies, crows, and an ocassional bald eagle; or the dead of winter when they are stripped of their foliage. I think that's a magpie sitting on top. He's catching a few rays of the hot summer sun (temperature - upper nineties) and the river below.

graphite on moleskine


  1. What a wonderful drawing, Jim. It makes me think of an engraving in an old travel book.

  2. Hey, you're back! These trees are great. I can never identify trees either!

  3. Trees are hard for me to draw, but your's look great! This looks like a great landscape to draw.