Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Tulips Orange"

We had some beautiful orange tulips bloom on each side of our front door this spring. Since this is our second spring in this house, we saw them last spring as well, so they've been on my mind that long. This afternoon, as I sorta went into a sketching frenzy, I free-handed this bouquet out with a Staedtler ink pen in my moleskine, then watercolored it. It's messy, the flowers are malformed, the green leaves are a distaster, but . . . it's ok. It's a start for something later.
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  1. Ok, I'm trying to see here where it's messy, the flowers are malformed and the disastous leaves but all I can see is a very pretty pot (and I do like the pot) of orange tulips. And do you like the Staedler? I haven't tried one yet.