Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Red Ball Boy"

The original image is on the cover of a book entitled Paris to the Moon. I like the photo on the cover, and sat and looked at it for a long time (actually months) before sketching it today, with some artistic license. The sketch is rough and maybe someday I'll do something more with it . . . and maybe never mess with it again. Anyway, there it is the third in a series of sketches completed and tossed on the blog this afternoon. It's watercolor, ink and moleskine sketchbook.
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  1. This is lovely as is. I bought a moleskin the other day but everytime I go to use it all I can see is Hemingway and Picaso and Matisse and Vincent and I freeze up. Good thing they didn't use art markers ;>

  2. I like this and your writing sets it off.