Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Laboratory Skull"

I was sitting in one of the bio labs at the college the other day, waiting for my students to drop in and this guy was sitting in the corner, looking at me. I didn't care for his cold stare and the way I couldn't stare him down, back; so I pulled out my moleskine and gave him the old "one-over." Couldn't help think of Van Gogh's "Smoker," the one with the skull and the cigarette hanging out its mouth. Even thought about adding the cigarette, but then I thought one shouldn't be so blatant with crappy sketching of Vincent's masterpiece. The stamp in the lower right is one I bought the other day; it's an odd place to put it, but hey, this is art . . . Right?
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  1. Odd Art - is that a new category? Neat portrait and I think the stamp goes with it very well.

  2. I really like this... Very nice and great use of color...

    Big Harry from Va

  3. Oh, I'm so envious that you have a lab to sketch in! One of my most favorite things to sketch is bones. Some might say it is disgusting, but I fell in love with the subject in school during A&P labs ... And I LIKE the stamp in the corner. It says something, I'm just not sure what! :-)