Wednesday, March 05, 2014

"Coffee, Bagels, a Lobby, and some Window Fasteners"

The Wednesday morning "Urban Sketchers: TriCities" met this morning at "Some Bagels & Gelato" in Uptown Richland, then caravaned out to the Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory lobby.  The bagel and coffee I had was outstanding.  I'll be going back there!!

The lobby was kind of ho-hum (sorry Marianne), but we had a good time anyway.  I think everyone did this view except maybe Patti K and Marianne who went upstairs to the balcony.

The thing that caught my were these cool glass fasteners that held the windows in place.  All geometrical and perspectively challenging in the way they sat attached to these large metal poles, I couldn't resist capturing this one.

Note there are four windows in this sketch, each held in place by this metal suction-cup looking contraption.  Each window had one of these in each corner.  I thought they were cool.

We had a great time, as always and really enjoyed chatting about our art and comparing our sketches.

Next week we will meet at "Three Sisters Patisserie" in West Richland.

Maybe we'll see you there!!


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