Saturday, March 01, 2014

"5 Guys Burgers"

My old blog, "Sketches & Stuff", just about dies a long slow death every once in a while.

Used to be I posted almost daily here, but that was way back when the yahoo group, Everyday Matters, was a tighter knit group and everyone posted their blog postings there.  When I go there now, I hardly recognize anyone.

Nowadays so many of the old groups that used to hang out in Everyday Matters and the early days of Urban Sketchers Flickr have been absorbed by the exploding population of people who love to sketch.

Not complaining, just commenting on how things never stay the same, whether it's your dog, your car, your favorite online group, or your blog.

"5 Guys Burgers" is a new hamburger joint in our town.  Always a busy place with people lined up to order the specific burger of their choice and the french fries are the best in town, ever.

They are out off Queensgate near Walmart and Starbucks in South Richland, Wa.

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