Thursday, April 04, 2013

"Sketching Sushi"

Met my sketch buddy, Nancy, at a local sushi bar (Nancy owns the building) yesterday. We don't know where our other partner, Dave, was.  He lives in his own world pretty much anyway.

She ordered the " James Bond" roll, and I had eel. I know it may sound "gross" to many, it once did to me also, but it is my favorite now. And, it isn't raw, another big plus!

As soon as it was delivered, we both pulled out our sketchbooks and started drawing.

Great food here. I will definitely return.

The lantern is a just a tad too large for the people at the table below, and the window should have been left "white." But it's a fair representation.  I like the color on the walls and the lantern.

The one below speaks for itself.

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