Thursday, April 04, 2013

"Jack-in-the-Box Lady"

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I was at Jack-in-the-Box with my wife having a couple of those pretty good, but cheap, 2 for $.99 tacos when she took a seat at the next table only four feet away.  She had taken our order and was on a break with her cell phone and a diet-Coke. 

My sketchbook, always at my side, was ready.  I opened it and began to draw her, quickly, and very clandestinely (you never want to get caught).  The sketch took about 5, maybe 8, minutes and we made eye-contact two times.  I've heard it said by sketchers far more qualified than I that if you get caught a third time, it's time to turn the page and start something else.  So, with this gal, it was close.

Funny thing is, I wasn't going to post it at all because her left hand and both arms are way out-of-whack.  But a sketching friend saw it in my sketchbook and laid some praise on it.  That's when I figured my lady here needed a break.  I posted her on facebook and she's getting quite a few hits.  So, welcome to the blog, Jack-in-the-Box Lady. 

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