Saturday, March 23, 2013

Published by "Spokane District Dental Society"

A month or two ago I received word from the "Spokane District Dental Society" that they wanted to use some of my sketches for a couple of publications coming up at the "Annual Inland Northwest Dental Conference" this spring.

This evening I received word that both their Program and Exhibitor Prospectus have been printed. 
It appears the top image has been increased in size and cropped to fit the front page of the Exhibitor Prospectus in an almost, or maybe not so almost, over-blown blow up.  Maybe that is the impact they wanted to create.  I won't complain.  When asked, I gave them permission to use the images as they saw fit.

The middle image appears in total on page two of the Exhibitor Prospectus.  This was a surprise as we only discussed the top and bottom sketches for their use.  It isn't a problem, but it is a surprise as this is my least favorite of the three . . . by far.

This bottom image, a drawing done from a photograph of the Spokane Tribune Building I took a couple of years ago, was used as a full page illustration on the cover of the 2013 Program for the conference.  It took some modifications to get it where they wanted it, but I am pleased with how it turned out.

Once my copies arrive, I will scan and post them for viewers to inspect here on this blog.   


  1. Congratulations! I like these with the rainbow colors... was that one of the things the client wanted specially? I'm jsut learning about the whole process of dealing with client requests... it's not always easy to comply. These turned out really great!

  2. Love this technique with your colors in the background.