Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Faux Tuscan Architecture"

I have had my eye on this structure in the "River Walk Village," for a number of years.  It's located just off the main drag in Richland, Wa., and serves primarily as a fancy strip mall housing among other things, "Rosie's Ice Cream and Diner."  As far as strip malls go, it's fairly pleasing to the eye; however, it is obviously not a bona-fide piece of real Tuscan architecture . . . no more than the castle in Disneyland is a bona-fide piece of Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle.

 Sad, but true.

Driving home later I was lamenting the fact that this building and the old baroque-styled court house across the river in Pasco, are really the only "European" style buildings in our area of 100,000 plus population.  And that got me to thinking about how utterly dismal all the architecture was way back in the good ol' days when buildings were constructed in this area with nothing other than the lowest government bids and they were all covered in asbestos siding, probably.  Buildings then were built for nothing more than meeting the goal of the proprieters.  Nothing fancy, just lay the foundation, put up the wood frame, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows (some), and get on with it. 

I guess we are pretty lucky these days.  Faux, or no faux, that is the question and I have to go with faux - for now.


  1. Wow! That's a stunning looking building, and you drew it so well as always

  2. loved seeing what you did with this (the other one, too) and reading what you had to say ! Winna

  3. Great sketch, Jim. I've been lamenting (much to the annoyance of those around me, who are tired of hearing it) about the architecture in my area for a long time now. I'm now an Urban Sketcher (Texas) and I'm having a very difficult time finding unique places to sketch. It seems that we mostly have the 'big box' stores and restaurants and they didn't bother to 'design' their buildings. Very depressing sight!

  4. Hi Jim, This is a fabulous drawing. With all those archways it must be huge!

  5. You did a splendid job with this! I find architecture so daunting to draw, but you are excellent at doing it! nancy