Monday, March 07, 2011

"Let Your Light Shine Through"

Summer's coming and with it the thought of things light and airy and sweet and good.

And that's gets me thinking about limes and that gets me thinking about modifying an earlier watercolor I did with orange slices, and that got me thinking about using acrylics to create a similar image, only this time, with lime.

Colored pencils probably weren't a good idea for finishing touches, but hey, what the heck, it's art so who cares.

This is actually a small 4x5 on some very cheap acrylic paper and is intended to be only a study for something larger and more grandiose. Maybe someday I'll be interested in finishing it.

acrylics, colored pencil


  1. Fabulous! Beautiful color, great translucent effect, and excellent dramatic contrast in the shadows.

  2. I can already taste the citrus in my mouth just by looking at it, great contrasts and awesome presentation =)

  3. Jim--
    Very nice. Definitly gets your attention. There are times I do something nice on cheap paper and I kick myself afterwards.

  4. Your title is perfect for this because they seem totally lit up! On fire! It's a study, but I think it would make a great painting!

  5. I really like about a series?

  6. Beautiful capture of the light! They glow!