Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sketchbook Project #24: Modigliani

So this is the 24th image I have drawn, painted, sketched since beginning this "Sketchbook Project," and finally I have one I like.

This is a Modigliani, entitled, "Woman from Algiers." I love the way he did noses and necks; but in his painting of this woman it almost lookslike he lost his concentration on that left eye, or the woman's right eye. In my copy, I tried to emulate rather than improve because that would represent the apex of any thoughts of grandeur on my part; and I'm sure it would totally piss Modigiliani off as well.

This was a fun sketch, and it was equally fun to put some color on the inked page.

pigma micron pens, watercolor, moleskine

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