Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sketchbook Project #10: "Tough Guy"

So, after completing the graphite sketch of the "Old Man" below, I decided to get out one of my charcoal pencils and give another headshot a try. I found this guy at http://www.mugshots.com/; he's a real bad guy.

I'm not interested in either his name, or his crime, only his face. I've looked at mugshot sites before and found some characters there have amazingly interesting facial features. This guy's isn't necessarily one of those, but I thought he was interesting enough to spend a few minutes with.

If you know him, tell him I said, "hey."


  1. I don't know him and seems like I don't want to know him. That's besides the point...great sketch!

  2. I love these drawings, good luck on the sketchbook project, I also entered late and am having trouble filling some of the pages, I'm going to have a go now though.