Monday, March 22, 2010


Few things get your morning headed off in the right direction like a good cup of coffee. This cup might be one you have at home, or maybe one you enjoy in a local diner, or deli.

This is my tenth painting done in acrylic. With each one I feel a little more confident, and knowledgable about how the paint behaves. In the first nine, I followed Van Gogh's lead by adding a black border around each element; with this one, white felt better.

These acrylics are definitely more fun than watercolor for me. I have two series started: Flowers in Vases, and now Coffee. I'm thinking about shoes and fish for possible areas to stretch my new skills into.

11x14 on canvas panel

1 comment:

  1. i think you have a really strong sense of lighting. I can really tell how strong the light is in the one and where it's coming from. I think light is the most difficult aspect to capture in a drawing or painting or etc.