Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Acrylics Coming"

Spent some time with my friend, Lapoynte, today who showed me the mysteries of acrylic paint. I purchased a small sample of acrylics a year or so ago and had absolutely no success with it. The paint glaumed together, wouldn't mix with water, and just looked horrible. I put them away and don't even know what happened to them right now.

So, after leaving Lapoynte's house, I drove over to the local art outlet and purchased some acrylic paints, and some 11x14 canvas panels. I'm all set to go.

Now if I can just get beyond Wild Bill Hickock's reply when asked what it was that allowed him to be so successfull in so many areas, "Ya just have ta not be ascared." (Source: D.P.)

Lapoynte is heavily influenced by the type of artwork done by kids: flowers, coffee cups, and other motifs. He is using strong, bold, primary colors and his paintings are very appealing.

Check his work out here.

And watch for acrylics coming here soon.


  1. Hey Jim,

    I did check out your friend's work but am more drawn to your bolder colors. I really like this stuff.

  2. These flower paintings are so colorful, love them.