Sunday, February 28, 2010

"6th Street - Prosser, Washington"

This is a line of buildings along 6th street in Prosser, Wa. Not a particularly great sketch, but it was great fun doing since I used to live in Prosser and had a lot of fun with this.

These stores are all just about, or maybe just over, one-hundred years in age. They have had many owners and many more liese agreements.

The "Gold Rule" store inhabited the one on the far corner, with the yellow bricks along the top edge for, I'm guessing, 60 or 70 years?. I bought my first set of golf clubs there when I was just a snot-nosed kid trying to teach school at the local high school in 1969.

Prosser has a very special place in my heart. Maybe I should do a bunch more sketches and post them all over at my flickr account, just for fun.

watercolor, ink, prosser, 6th street.

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  1. Well my goodness. I was searching for a picture of the old Golden Rule Store in Prosser, found your blog and realized you were my high school science teacher around 1971. Small world! I love your artwork. I dabble a bit in mixed media. You can find me at