Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Rick Tulka Just Back From DC"

Rick Tulka may qualify as an ex-patriot: he lives and works in Paris, France, and rides his bike to the same cafe, everyday, to have a coffee and sketch the local clientele. His sketches are exquisite and he garners loads of comments on each at his Flickr site.

Rick has a long and extensive history of showcasing his art, including working with such notables as Michael Jackson, and many, many more. He is also a cartoonist for Mad Magazine; and he has illustrated, "Paris Cafe: the Select Crowd," available at Amazon and well worth the price for anyone interested in the Paris Cafe scene.

Rick has also commented on many of the sketches I have posted on my Flickr site. In fact, I think he has commented there more than anyone else; so I consider him a mentor and friend, of an online nature.

He recently returned from a trip to DC - why anyone would go there in this dead winter is anyone's guess - I think mainly he went to the White House for a cup of coffee with Obama, but alas, was turned away. Poor guy.
watercolor, ink, 6x9 Super AquaBee Sketchbook


  1. I just stumbled onto your blog and I really enjoy reading it. Your art is so unique and down to earth. The narratives you add with each sketch makes it come to life.

    I feature a blog each day on my blog. I plan to feature yours tomorrow (Feb. 24). My art is nothing like yours, but I believe my followers and readers will enjoy your blog as much as I have.

  2. Great capture of Rick. I have also joined in the fun :D


  3. You caught him, that's for sure! Loved reading about him, too. I'll have to spend some time traveling thru his blog! nancy

  4. Great post, Jim.
    Love Rick Tulka, too. He's so talented, isn't he?

  5. Great capture of Rick! I enjoy his work as well!

  6. I so enjoyed everyone posting their sketches of this man. :) Your's is wonderful as well.