Monday, February 22, 2010

"Badger Mountain"

We have a number of quite large hills on the southern and western borders of our three-city area. Some call them, "mountains," but I don't. Mountains are what you find in the Cascades, Rockies, and Sierra Madres; these are offically known as the "Horse Heaven Hills." Still, each has a name followed by, "Mountain," and this one is "Badger Mountain."

These hills are geologically ancient; you can tell because they have no sharp features: time, wind, water, freezing and summer heat temperatures over the eons have softened them. This time of year they take on a velvety soft patina of green as the bunchgrass and sagebrush end their winter sleep; then in the uber-hear of summer and subsequent evaporation of ground water, they will die off and the hills turn a wonderful tan/brown color. But what really set the hills off is the early morning, and late day, sun. The highlights contrasted with the cast shadows and turning edges of light across convex surfaces make them quite sensual.

Some have grown up in this area and have yet to actually "see" the beauty in these hills.

watercolor, ink, 6x9 AquaBee Sketchbook


  1. I moved from Texas to Boise, ID in 2000. Of course, I referred to the foothills as mountains, until a local corrected me. I could never stop staring at them; they were so beautiful! I think because I came from such a flat area, I appreciated them more than most of the locals. I'm back in TX now and miss them terribly!

    Your sketch of the hills, set behind the shopping center is terrific.