Saturday, November 14, 2009

Butting Heads in a Game of Chess

I purchased this chess set in an outdoor market in Florence, Italy, in 1975. The pieces are large metal medieval kings, queens, knights, bishops, etc., and the set weighs in at just over 10 lbs. I lugged this sucker all over Europe that summer by tying heavy twine in cross-hatch fasion over it and wrapping a wash-cloth on one the cross ties for a handle. The set is wider than my arm is long.

I've taught my children and a couple of my granchildren the game on this set, so this evening when my 27 year old son and my 8 year old grandson sat down in our pink living room and started butting heads regarding rules and strategy, I couldn't help but grab my sketchbook.

These are two very special people in my life and the joy they provided me tonight with this game is indescribable.


  1. Very nice! I love the body language on both of them...I can remember my grandson rocking on his buns like that! You captured the moment perfectly. And the room is great too!

  2. Great post! I feel that way having our kids visit from college, so having grandkids will just compound that emotion.

  3. I really like this sketch. Your affection for them shows, it is precious to see.