Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Apartments on Gage and Leslie - Richland, WA.

When I was a young man I wanted three things: a Corvette, a motorcycle, and an apartment in the city (Seattle). I did once own a motorcycle, but after I wiped out on a black lab, I sold it and haven't been on another. I have never owned a Corvette, or lived in Seattle; but I did once own a bran-new, fire-engine red, Mustange Mach I in 1969 - but I wrecked it before it had 5,000 miles on it's odometer.

This walk runs down the hill and connects to a larger walking path that circumvents the Columbia River. It crosses three bridges and runs along both sides of the river on its 20-something mile long course. The paths here are always busy with walkers, runners, bicyclists, people pushing baby carts and kids on roller blades. I like how the path and the apartment buildings meet in the distance so I sat in Round Table Pizza and sketched it out today.

ink, watercolor, urban sketch

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  1. Jim! I LOVE your work!! Sure wish I could get you to Prosser!! Candy