Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Sketching with Terry Banderas"

Our friends Elaine and Terry Banderas, who live in the Sacramento area, were in town last week and Terry and I spent a few hours sketching.  This wasn't on the list of places to draw, but when we found ourselves in this part of town, it turned out to be a good spot to settle in for a while with our sketchbooks.

The grain elevator sits on the banks of the Columbia River in Kennewick, WA.  The river is on the other side of the elevator.  Wheat has been a staple in terms of agriculture in our area for at least one hundred years, maybe more.  I don't know when the elevator was constructed, but when we moved here in 1957 it was one of the landmarks in town.  Still is.

ink, watercolor, journal/sketchbook

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  1. I like this. Reminds me of my turf here in Kansas. But then, when the wife and I drove up to your neck of the woods 25 years ago we thought the wheat fields reminded us of home, too.