Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Groovin' at Costco for a Polish"

Can you believe it?  I drove right on by my favorite lunch spot today, Subway, and pulled into Costco with a Polish on my mind.  The Polish at Costco is $1.50 + tax and they throw in a drink, Diet Coke, thank you; and they are "mighty tasty" if I do say so myself. 

The place was packed today and it is only Tuesday and I was there at high noon.  Don't you just wonder why all these people who are out in the middle of the day on a week day aren't at work?  I worked for over thirty years and seldom, if ever, did I have opportunity to go to Costco and lounge around the book area, then go pick up a Polish and a coke and watch the crowd.  Nope.  It was nose to the grindstone and during Standard Time, like we'll have again next week (aaaaaaarghhhhhh), my nose was on the damned grindstone from dark to dark. 

I like them with lotsa mustard, a little bit of relish, and a mounds of chopped onions.  I would toss on some sauerkraut, but the sauerkraut at Costco is dry and lifeless. 

ink, watercolor, journal/sketchbook


  1. Outdoor dining and yet they're inside, right? Fun! You've captured the feel of it all. Looks like fun. Love the umbrellas. That sounds like an odd thing to say, but I've never gotten an umbrella right. Also, the highlights on the heads are great!

    Mmmmm, sauerkraut!

  2. Hmmmmm Sauerkraut! I am really having a lot of the authentic german food while I still can :)
    I really like this drawing. I love the lines, consistent shapes, and nice environment, and a lot of stories to tell. Yet another awesome post which is not at all surprising ^^

  3. Love the sketch and the story! Great job on perspective inside the store!

  4. Lovely sketch - great bright colors!

  5. Adorable. Wonderful sketch. Yes, its captures the feel and I love the detail.

  6. You captured it! This is also my husband's favorite meal!

  7. Nice sketch! I love that you found inspiration in Costco (and a great deal on lunch)!

  8. Loved this one, Jim!

    I had a doctor friend who used to go to Costco for that specific
    lunch....would often bump into him there with his other doctor buddies!

    Nicolette Anderson
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