Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"The 10 Yardline Clan"

Way over on the other side of the gridiron, at my grandson's grid kids football game last Saturday I spotted this interesting scene. The lady sat the entire game in her folding chair, in the constant shade below provided by her striped umbrella: eating pizza, chips, and drinking soft drinks.

The people spread around her didn't seem to move one way or the other, I don't recall seeing anyone get up, or even change positions. There was no cheering, no throwing of the arms in the air and yelling, "Way to go, Bobby!" I thought maybe it was a sculpture.

After the game was over, with her team beating the "you-know-what" outa my g-son's team, she got up; and those around her folded the umbrella, and picked up all the paraphernalia lying about the ground, collected their little football star, and went home.

I'm taking pizza to the next game.

watercolor, ink, sketchbook


  1. Super sketch and a wonderful tale to go with it - made me laugh out loud!

  2. Great sketch, odd that they should plant themselves right there. I am glad they stayed there long enough for you to get a picture of them.

  3. Makes you wonder if that is their behavior everywhere they go. No matter where. Observers but not involved, even emotionally. Maybe unwelcome by someone so they're lying low. Very interesting. And your drawing captured it perfectly! Great job of both the observations and the drawing!

  4. Very interesting. You are so lucky to have submissive subjects ha-ha! It's hard to sketch people especially the hyperactive ones.