Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Elegance in Line and Color"

Isn't she elegant!? This is Britney. In real life she is about mid-twenties, very cute and full of fun personality.

This sketch doesn't help her much in terms of her personal beauty and personality, but without her this little beauty of a sketch wouldn't have ever, in the history of the universe, seen the light of day (sorry for the abrupt and penetrating cliche).

Please correct me if I am way off base, but the sketch seems to me reminiscent of some of Picaso's ladies. I love her.

I am not one of the charcoalists in the sessions. I used to be one, or a wannabe one. I tried to measure angles and boob lines with my thumb and pencil, just like I was taught and like I see others in these sessions do. It just isn't for me. I prefer to start with my trusty Micron Pigma pen, #1 in this case, and let it take me on an adventure. It never turns out how I thought it might when I started; but that is the adventure in sketching.

watercolor, ink, sketchbook, life-drawing


  1. Expressive and bold line. I can see Picasso in there - the face is rather classical.

  2. I agree, I definitely get a Picasso vibe from this sketch