Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Toyota Wheel and Tire"


This is the right front wheel and tire on my Toyota pick-up truck.

I drew it today while looking at it through the window of my favorite lunch hang-out, Subway.

While sketching I listened, on my ear-plugs and tiny little, red radio I got for Father's Day about 20 years ago, to the Seattle Mariners win their third of four from the Texas Rangers.

I had my usual: footlong, wheat bread, ham and pepperjack cheese, with no toasting, and all the veggies - including peppercinis, green, and jalopenos!

What a great lunch!!


  1. Love your sketches and stuff...nice work!

  2. good sketch! :) And I love the depth of it too.

  3. Lovely work, I really like these kind of sketches, they highlight the beauty of common objects and keep me inspired!

  4. Love that! Greatly done, and very cool!

  5. I really enjoy seeing good sketches of very specific parts of larger objects. You did a nice job on this one. And it is always nice when the home team wins, isn't it?

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