Monday, July 13, 2009

"Basin Surplus Champions"


While going through boxes of old photos and reorganizing family albums, my wife handed me one she found of my pony league baseball team - "Basin Surplus." No mascot, just "Basin Surplus," named after the store that supplied the uniforms.

Our coach was Roy Johnson, back row, far left. As a young man he had played with Hoyt Wilhem; and his "Basin Surplus" teams, at that time had won the championship something like 14 of the previous 16 years.

I learned a lot from Roy, as did we all: how to know where the ball will go from the sound it makes off the bat, how to slide into base and which slide to use as determined by where the ball is coming in, how to hit long balls, how to read signs, and all the other things one learns in youth baseball; but most importantly what he taught was how to be a team player. And he taught it without really trying.

I liked Roy, alot. He may have come to practise a few times a bit tipsy, but that made it all the more fun for a kid of 13, or 14, or however old we were at the time.

Drive downtown Kennewick and you'll find the high school teams, and others, playing on "Roy Johnson Field." It's a source of pride for many of us old dogs still in town.

If you can find me in the sketch, you win an all expense paid trip to the next pony league championship games played here in Kennewick. Of course there is no such league anymore, so Basin Surplus, won't have to foot the bill. Oh, it isn't even Basin Surplus anymore anyway.

Nothing stays the same, does it.

Oh, which one is me?


  1. I like old pictures! :) And I believe you've captured all the important details of the picture too. It's actually a very cute picture.

  2. I like this drawing . pretty cool and nice feeling to it.
    thanks for posting it.