Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I went to the doctor today and she told me to take advil for my sore knee. When I left her office I saw this familiar site across the street and decided to sketch it out. Both my children were born here, and both my father and my father-in-law passed away here. It's a big hospital, rivaling those monsters in Seattle where once you get in, it might take a week or two to find your way out. It has a great reputation here where we live and it's privately owned, so the taxpayers don't have to pay for it, just use it.

ink, watercolor, sketchbook


  1. Amazing the personal history one building may hold for us. Great sketch. This may seem odd but my favorite part is how you indicated the back window with colour, no lines, in the white car in the left foreground.

  2. Great sketch, and excellent way to pay a tribute I guess. I'd always smile looking at a picture like this because it'll bring back such great memories... including the part where you get stuck there for 2 weeks trying look for your way out ;)