Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Blog

This blog has been a lot of fun at times, frustrating at other times and downright dumb at others. I would like to break this addiction I have to post EVERYTHING I draw/sketch/paint by being more selective with my postings. Problem is I have this huge appetite for feedback, good or bad, and if I become more selective the time between posts would be much larger. Still, I think I would feel better about the quality of my blog is I did. Maybe.

I started doing art about 7 or 8 years and when I look at the earliest stuff the "tightness" of it is disappointing; but when I look at my most recent stuff, the amount of "tightness" that is still there bothers me.

One positive thing about posting everything is that it pushes me toward more "looseness" in my sketching and other art. I like other's work where the lines have been drawn quickly and loosely and without precision. That looseness really brings a life to a sketch that can not be created in any other fashion.

I have been studying how to use Photoshop and made some changes in the title today. I've wondered for months how to change it and today I finally figured it out - without having to ask anyone!

I'm going to think about the blog a little more and we'll see what happens.


  1. Well and I at at the same place as far as decisions about posting/not posting..learning Photoshop etc. Let me know what you decide and your reasoning. I, too, miss the comments when I neglect my blog! But, sometimes rush through things, knowing I can do better.
    Me oh my....

  2. Yes, I like the new title. And, yes, Jim I recognise those thoughts and feelings about drawing and blogging. I look forward to seeing how you proceed with Photoshop. I too have been resisting for a couple of years. It looks like a great start.