Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Grandfather's Barn

I want to preserve my grandfather's barn in this sketch. I saw it for the first time in many, many years this past year and was saddened at how time has wasted it away. Someday the barn will be gone and with it, the family of 12 kids that grew up along side it.

Here, I have attempted to "catch" it, and it's spirit, in an earlier age.

The sketch is in a watercolor moleskine, I want to do another on a piece of watercolor paper about the same size as this painting I did of a stand of trees, "Out by the Washita." Hopefully in the finished piece the overworked wonkiness of this sketch will disappear. Hopefully

Sakura watercolor travel set in moleskine sketchbook.


  1. I applaud you for memorializing the barn. You are right, these structures are passing away. Just a year ago the barn my grandfather built was destroyed in a fire. The new metal pole barn the new owners erected is probably more efficient, but will never have the charm of the old red structure.