Friday, January 09, 2009

The Potter's Pots

Traveling down the backroads in Arkansas a couple years ago, we came across an art studio.

I think it was called "Cherokee Studios," not sure.

We stopped to check it out and found a large treasure trove of artful stuff: paintings, drawings, carvings, furniture, and out back - a garden with a covered work area where I found these beautiful clay pots hanging from a rafter.

We weren't in a buying mood since we had to fly home a few days later, and what do you do with clay pots on an aircraft? Still, I would love to have had one of these pots, or more.

pigma microns, watercolor, sketchbook


  1. I like the setting of this scene.

  2. I really like this! I like the colors on the pots and the shadows on the floor.